Fitness Tales: Average Jane hires Trainer for her fat pocket, oops.. her fitness

With a thoughtful and direct look, the personal trainer asked Jane the most important of all important fitness questions. “So what are your goals?” With a determined set of her mouth, Jane began to answer. She was ready after all. She knew she had to have goals. And they were going to be very specific. That fat pocket on her thighs was specific. She didn’t like that fat … Continue Reading


Exercise is learning. The most basic kind.

A couple years ago when visiting World Athletics (now Altis) in Arizona, I asked Dan Pfaff how long it would take someone to develop physically at a basic level (in … Continue Reading


Breaking News: Carbs and sugar are not “junk food”

Why are the words “carbs” and “sugar” synonymous with “junk food”? I talk to people a lot about what they think about nutrition, to see what kinds views they … Continue Reading

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Three things you should do for yourself in every training session, no matter what kind.

Here are three things I do with every client, every session, that are simple and have a firm scientific basis for implementation. That means you can do them right away, and improve training immediately. These aren't contestable facts, so no research links … Continue Reading

Effects of the menstrual cycle on training and cravings

I've read so many articles on training and dieting and the menstrual cycle, that I have an entire corridor in my brain, stuffed with the information. But that's fairly irrelevant beyond knowing the actual facts of the menstrual cycle, and the impacts of … Continue Reading

Uni of Toronto SnC Summit #2: “The ultimate reward for trust, is loyalty.”

Title: Business and Personal Development: Keys to Longevity as a Coach By: Sheldon Persad, Canadian Sport Institute Ontario Interim Director, (of) Sport Science & Sport Medicine Sheldon's presentation was on business development, so highly practical … Continue Reading