I am a strength and nutrition coach living in Toronto. I’ve been personally interested in fitness, coaching and athletics for 15+ years. I was the Strength and Conditioning Coach for St Johnsbury Academy, Vermont for two years, competed in powerlifting a couple times in my late 20’s, and have a formal and informal education background, including multiple fitness certifications, 1.5 years of Exercise Science in college, reading a lot of books and textbooks and working with a wide variety of people. I have worked with over 300 clients (from last count), ranging in age from 14-71.

I explore a variety of topics and ideas about fitness, strength training, sport performance and health, here on my blog. I believe learning is never-ending, that the body and mind work together. I am a big fan of science, asking questions, practical strategies and holistic planning.

In personal training, I teach people about their physiology and anatomy, how to exercise properly, diet effectively and what stress management means in real life. I help them understand their own joint mechanics, motor patterns and movement needs. I teach them how to use different types of training to reach different types of goals. I help make the process of improving general fitness or training for a specific performance outcome in a sport more efficient.  I filter important concepts and facts from research and help clients think about how or when they apply practically in their own lives. I teach clients how to strength train and understand the principles of auto-regulation and intuitive decision-making for their own fitness progress. I teach women how to unravel or understand the impact of their hormones, female-specificness and baby-making on their fitness and strength goals. I can effectively and safely train people with hypermobility, poor motor control, chronic joint issues and posture complications.

On a personal note, I have two half-Latino teens, no pets and a lot of books. I have lived and worked in 12 countries, but finally decided on Toronto, Canada as home since 2013.

You can hire me for personal training here in Toronto, or for individualized consultations online.

Interested in coaching? Check out my services here.