I am  a strength and nutrition coach living in Toronto, ON.  I’ve been personally interested in fitness, coaching and athletics for 15+ years. I was the Strength and Conditioning Coach for St Johnsbury Academy, Vermont for two years, have competed in powerlifting a couple times, and have a formal and informal education background including multiple fitness certifications, 1.5 years of Exercise Science, a lot of textbooks and working with a wide variety of people.

My formal education as a coach has been relatively unconventional, and my experience with clients and athletes, highly diverse.

I have worked with over 300 clients (from last count), ranging in age from 14-71. I’ve trained and train many special needs clients (post-partum, post-surgery, back/hip/knee strength prehab), as well as recreational and competitive athletes of all ages.

My professional interests lie in sport biomechanics, coaching science, and strength and speed development. This website contains years of posts, that reflect a lot of my education and development as a professional. As I continue to learn, I am certain I will change my mind and perspective on quite a few things. I enjoy training people and learning how to improve physical and mental performance in fitness or sport.

Besides working, I weightlift, read all kinds of books, tinker with building things, debate and discuss topics related to my interests on Facebook, watch documentaries, and continue figuring out how to be a good parent to my kids Charlotte and Reilly.

Before becoming a coach and settling in Toronto in 2013, I was worked as a missionary volunteer for non-profits in Asia and the Americas till 2010. From 2010-2013, I was a correctional officer, high school coach and volunteer firefighter in Vermont. After which, I decided to make athletic and fitness coaching my profession and moved to Toronto.

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