I am Joy, Mom of two, strength and conditioning coach and fitness writer, in Toronto.

I teach the basics of strength and fitness and write on a variety of topics related to strength development, injury prevention, stress management and health, here on my blog.

As a coach, I teach people about their physiology, biomechanics and anatomy in relation to exercise, how to train properly for their goals, diet effectively for health and fat loss and what practical stress management means, in action, in daily life.

Since struggling with chronic injuries as a young teen wanting to play sports, excessive dieting, and body image issues, my personal journey eventually turned into my profession.

I believe a better understanding of the scientific principles our bodies are governed by, and crafting successful habits, leads to personal and athletic success.

I’m a Mom of two teens, and have lived and worked in 12 countries, before settling on Toronto as home since 2013. I was the Strength and Conditioning Coach for St Johnsbury Academy in Vermont from 2011-2013, and have a diverse education and background working with clients and athletes of all ages. I hold certifications with Precision Nutrition, CPTN, and am a member of the NSCA.