How do you measure your fitness?

I've always been someone who has appeared "fit". I have never been overweight, I have muscle tone (more now, than before), and have engaged in "working out" for many years. Everything from exercise videos to powerlifting. I started working out “formally” 16 years now, doing Cindy Crawford and Kathy Smith exercise videos before walking to school. Yet, at times, while still … Continue Reading


Fitness Tales: Average Jane hires Trainer for her fat pocket, oops.. her fitness

With a thoughtful and direct look, the personal trainer asked Jane the most important of all important fitness questions. “So what are your goals?” With a … Continue Reading


Exercise is learning. The most basic kind.

A couple years ago when visiting World Athletics (now Altis) in Arizona, I asked Dan Pfaff how long it would take someone to develop physically at a basic level (in … Continue Reading

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Breaking News: Carbs and sugar are not “junk food”

Why are the words “carbs” and “sugar” synonymous with “junk food”? I talk to people a lot about what they think about nutrition, to see what kinds views they have, but also to find if anything could be a roadblock or very limiting to progress. The belief  … Continue Reading

Three things you should do for yourself in every training session, no matter what kind.

Here are three things I do with every client, every session, that are simple and have a firm scientific basis for implementation. That means you can do them right away, and improve training immediately. These aren't contestable facts, so no research links … Continue Reading

Effects of the menstrual cycle on training and cravings

I've read so many articles on training and dieting and the menstrual cycle, that I have an entire corridor in my brain, stuffed with the information. But that's fairly irrelevant beyond knowing the actual facts of the menstrual cycle, and the impacts of … Continue Reading