4 Mindgasms for your Monday

If you are into fitness, strength, bodybuilding or whatever, chances are spend some time reading till your eyes are red on every topic related to your interest. Oh you don't? Is that because you are too busy learning things the right way; by doing them? I kid. But only partially. As Dan John said so simply: "Read all you want. But remember, the performance is up to you." Yeah, … [Read more...]

The Best Cue Ever for A Better Upper Body

Why This Matters Use this one simple question to tune into your upper body movement patterns, and learn a few cues to get you the upper body gains you've been dreaming of.  [Read time: 4 minutes]   This simple cue/idea I will outline below will drastically improve all of your upper body movements if you haven't been aware of it before, especially … [Read more...]

What to Do When You Can’t Squat Deep, Benching Hurts, and Deadlifts Terrify Your Back

I see you. Home alone, facing the wall in shame as a YouTube video of someone with massive lift numbers bangs out those reps and a sexy logo finishes it off as the music fades into the background. You clicked on it for some motivation, but all it reminds you of is how you can't do any of that yet. You slowly turn around, scared to see if it is done, sit back down hunched over … [Read more...]

Lessons in Principles From a Sprint Coach

Bret Contreras posted a guest-post by UK sprint coach Greg Potter, that was really great. Seeing as how a lot of people won’t sit through long posts, I hope he doesn’t mind me regurgitating the points that I feel resonate on a general level whether you are a coach or not. This post was chock full of “principles” and great tidbits. So I figured a condensed version of some of … [Read more...]

What I’ve Learned Coaching High School Athletes

I don’t have much contact with other high school coaches….but I am sure they are out there, so this is a bit of a “this is what I do” article! Here are several coaching “lessons” I have learned from a year and a half of coaching (seems longer!). A lot of these ideas could apply to beginner populations of all ages as well. Since I lost my wonderfully long diet blog post update, … [Read more...]

Consultation Question and Answer Sample

I get quite a few emails from people inquiring about consultations, and/or just asking questions. This is great for me as a coach, because it exposes me to a wider variety of problems! Right now, besides working with an online client, I deal daily with mostly strength and conditioning factors for young athletes. Getting experience working with other types of clients is not as … [Read more...]

My First Powerlifting Competition – Training and Thoughts on Sheiko

Last (last) Saturday (this post took longer to finish than I thought), I competed in my first powerlifting meet with 100% Raw Powerlifting at Champlain Valley Crossfit in Burlington, VT. It was a two-day meet with Saturday night and Sunday lifters. I lifted on Saturday night. There were only two of us in the women's open category in my weight class (132 lbs.). I got first place … [Read more...]

The Curse of the Name; When Commitment and Loyalty Might be Screwing You Over

Everywhere you go, names are thrown at you. Names of people or names of brands. They are all promising you the easy, healthy, quick, fast, and magical methods to get you what you want. And we do want! Anyone who is reading this wants something. What? A better body? A snippet of information that will help you get that body? An insight? A brain tickle? A way to look, feel, or be … [Read more...]

Random Stuff and Some Cool Links

I am in the middle of writing a post on thoracic extension, core stability and a new (well not NEW new per se, maybe "simpler"?) approach to thinking about good upper back and shoulder positioning/mobility and how it translates to core strength, but it won't be done till next week as far as I can see. I had a great week with some personal insights, accomplishments (despite … [Read more...]

Knowing the Rules to Understand the Exceptions

A friend posted this quote below over the weekend. He is a mixed martial artist, so he related it to that, but it is a sound principle that applies to anything related to education, improving yourself or learning about a topic. It's a theme I hear repeated often by smarter and more experienced names than me; yet people have such a hard time grasping it when they are looking for … [Read more...]