Thoughts on Training Teenagers and my Favorite Beginner Moves

Recently I've had an influx of new kids coming to me for help. A lot of them are serious beginners, as in they have not been playing a sport regularly. It's a challenge for me to get them going in a way that is both¬†motivating and uncompromising (I won't just send them to the cardio room. Ever) without taking forever and requiring lots of individual attention. I love seeing … [Read more...]

The Evolution of an Education

Someone sent me a question in response to something I commented on in a thread about a question regarding advice on how to go about choosing a good coach/trainer. Here's my comment, and the subsequent PM: MY COMMENT:¬†"I will tell you that certifications mean shit. When I first got mine I knew I was shit, hahaha, and was also scared shitless cause I knew I sucked. Granted … [Read more...]