Your Problem With Sugar is THE Problem With Sugar

Why this matters: Nothing is easier than blaming sugar when it comes to unsuccessful dieting, but that blame is often very misplaced. Learn what sugar is and why it's not as devilish as you've been made to believe.  [Read time: 25 minutes (stick with it; it'll be worth it!)]   "When you start from an incorrect assumption, you reach an incorrect conclusion." - … [Read more...]

Why Lifting Weights Lets You Eat More Carbs and All About Metabolism

Why this matters: Women, it's time to de-mysticize metabolism and carbs and learn how to fuel your workouts, gain muscle, and get lean (with carbs!).  [Read time: 25 minutes (stick with it; it's worth it!)]   Let's get on with talking about carbs, muscles, and metabolism. Metabolism is such a cool word. It implies all kinds of sciencey things. "I don't … [Read more...]

Why Weights? An Analogy

This topic has been covered in-depth by many more experts than me, yet I feel there is a disconnect between what someone might know and what they actually do. Especially us, ladies. So consider this post half of a lecture to myself as well as me getting excited about what I am learning in physiology. I am often asked: "Why should I train the big compound movements first … [Read more...]

The Curse of the Name; When Commitment and Loyalty Might be Screwing You Over

Everywhere you go, names are thrown at you. Names of people or names of brands. They are all promising you the easy, healthy, quick, fast, and magical methods to get you what you want. And we do want! Anyone who is reading this wants something. What? A better body? A snippet of information that will help you get that body? An insight? A brain tickle? A way to look, feel, or be … [Read more...]

Quick Question: Is it true that I should only eat 20-30 grams of protein at a time?

Short answer: No. Better answer: From Alan Aragon in this interview here: Interview with Alan Aragon "You wrote an article regarding protein per meal, could you give the specifics on the research?" "Wow, it seems like forever ago that I wrote that article (here). The general thrust is that people mistakenly think that there’s a strict limit to how … [Read more...]

Ditch the Bootcamp Mentality

Last weekend I volunteered to judge Vermont's first local Crossfit competition hosted by Green Mountain Crossfit in Montpelier. It was a very fun and great experience and I had a great time helping out, encouraging and judging competitors and being around other "fitness" people. Given my lack of many social activities due to work and life (totally don't mind), it was kind of … [Read more...]

Cutting, Bulking, and the Fear of Gaining Weight: A Woman’s Perspective

  Why This Matters Women: Have you been trying to lose those last 10 lbs. for months or years? Stop cutting, start eating a little more, and start lifting weight. [Read time: 12 minutes]   This topic has been on my mind for awhile now, and moreso because of quite a few private messages and posts from different women. I wanted to discuss cutting and … [Read more...]

Why anything works……at first

Being in the fitness industry is hard. Its hard because you gotta wade through a lot of bullshit. And while wading through that bullshit, you have other people that have gotten stuck in it, sticking their hands out to pull you under. I ve tripped and submerged myself in the cesspool numerous times. And I m not completely on the other side yet. There's still alot to learn. But … [Read more...]

Give Yourself Less Choice

I have recently been reading alot of Martin Berkhan's blog I must say his wealth of information, experience and deeply researched posts make me realize how much I don't know yet. One post that hit home was about why fitness coaches/trainers often don't follow their own advice or why they are sometimes not as organized and accomplished in their personal physical … [Read more...]

“You can’t run to get fit, you need to be fit to run.” Physiotherapist Diane Lee said that. Treadmills are bad for running. The fear in their eyes. The gasp. "But, but, but....(insert long list of reasons based on bs here)". That's what you get for suggesting that treadmills are not the fat burning, athlete producing machines we love to think they are. Most workout "machines" are … [Read more...]