Let’s Make Fun of Nutrition – No Really

Ok, I came across the website for these, and posted the link in another post, but I know how links are. People don't like clicking them. They want it all right away in front of them. So I just copied a bunch of my faves for a post. There's more of course. I only got through to the 6th page or something.  I know I used to be super uptight regarding nutrition, depending on what … [Read more...]

Savory vs Sweet to Prevent Overeating

Came across this quick study on pubmed and had to share. "Susceptibility to Overeating Affects the Impact of Savory or Sweet Drinks on Satiation, Reward, and Food Intake in Nonobese Women." I have a tendency to overeat. I am NOT a "take one cookie and leave the rest" kind of person. Its all or nothing. When I eat, I like to eat a lot at once. The tendency to overeat isnt … [Read more...]