The Brainy Side of Exercise (skip to #3 about stress if you can’t read it all)

I had the pleasure of attending a symposium at the University of Vermont that featured 4 Doctors/Researchers titled “The Brainy Side of Exercise: Benefits to Neurons, Mind and Behavior" and I wanted to share a digested version of what was presented. So..... exercise is good for the brain. Not hard to imagine. I was pleased that my understanding and ability to follow the … [Read more...]

Helping Your Squat: Buttwink and Opening up the hips

< This is me having a boring week in my office cause its Winter Break and most of the kids are gone. Thanks to the fact that I can now video myself, I am able to give myself much better feedback and act in a better capacity as my own coach. There is nothing truer than a slowmo video to show you were stuff is going wrong. I don't look in the mirror while I train, as its not … [Read more...]

Principles: A Bit of Psych

We discussed this in class last week, and the whole time I was relating it to training, so I thought I'd get it off my mind by sharing it with you. Any Psych student will recognize what I am talking about instantly, and actually, I would say anyone with common sense. But sometimes having to read it makes things click more. I know it does for me. But I am a little slow … [Read more...]