10 Burning Personal Questions Answered

I have been asked quite a few times to write a post about ME personally, since upon hearing snippets of my life, people get curious. Being longwinded, I think I'll save the full version for the graphic novel I am going to publish on my ridiculously exciting life. J/k. Ok maybe not really kidding. We'll see. So here are the ten most common questions about my personal life … [Read more...]

4 Mindgasms for your Monday

If you are into fitness, strength, bodybuilding or whatever, chances are spend some time reading till your eyes are red on every topic related to your interest. Oh you don't? Is that because you are too busy learning things the right way; by doing them? I kid. But only partially. As Dan John said so simply: "Read all you want. But remember, the performance is up to you." Yeah, … [Read more...]

Why Weights? An Analogy

This topic has been covered in-depth by many more experts than me, yet I feel there is a disconnect between what someone might know and what they actually do. Especially us, ladies. So consider this post half of a lecture to myself as well as me getting excited about what I am learning in physiology. I am often asked: "Why should I train the big compound movements first … [Read more...]

12 Tips From My 2012

Come on, I gotta do some kind of New Year post to keep up with every other trainer blogger. :D But seriously, here's 12 tips ranging from potentially life-changing to trivial, depending on how brilliant you feel I am. Feel free to let me know if I've totally saved your sanity somehow and/or improved your quality of life through my insightfulness. Or you can buy me … [Read more...]

Knowing the Rules to Understand the Exceptions

A friend posted this quote below over the weekend. He is a mixed martial artist, so he related it to that, but it is a sound principle that applies to anything related to education, improving yourself or learning about a topic. It's a theme I hear repeated often by smarter and more experienced names than me; yet people have such a hard time grasping it when they are looking for … [Read more...]

The Evolution of an Education

Someone sent me a question in response to something I commented on in a thread about a question regarding advice on how to go about choosing a good coach/trainer. Here's my comment, and the subsequent PM: MY COMMENT: "I will tell you that certifications mean shit. When I first got mine I knew I was shit, hahaha, and was also scared shitless cause I knew I sucked. Granted … [Read more...]

A Few of the Funniest Things I Ever Believed

Reminiscing is a bitch. It's actually super fun to look back and see how much smarter you are now than you were once. I can still remember the day I chose to "start working out". I was 15, and helping my school get a soccer team going. This was a private rich brat school in Panama City, Panama. Small by comparison to the larger public schools, but this school taught in English, … [Read more...]

Thinking Without Thinking

"Blink" is a book my Malcolm Gladwell. The subtitle is "The Art of Thinking Without Thinking". I recently read this book (it's only about 95 pages) in one sitting, after watching a Ted Talk presentation by him. His manner of speaking, the absolute clarity and his wonderful way of explaining concepts with stories and everyday situations made his topic fascinating, not to mention … [Read more...]

Ditch the Bootcamp Mentality

Last weekend I volunteered to judge Vermont's first local Crossfit competition hosted by Green Mountain Crossfit in Montpelier. It was a very fun and great experience and I had a great time helping out, encouraging and judging competitors and being around other "fitness" people. Given my lack of many social activities due to work and life (totally don't mind), it was kind of … [Read more...]

Cutting, Bulking, and the Fear of Gaining Weight: A Woman’s Perspective

  Why This Matters Women: Have you been trying to lose those last 10 lbs. for months or years? Stop cutting, start eating a little more, and start lifting weight. [Read time: 12 minutes]   This topic has been on my mind for awhile now, and moreso because of quite a few private messages and posts from different women. I wanted to discuss cutting and … [Read more...]