To anyone who reads my blog

That time has come. That time where your work purpose becomes clear and you must organize the "spaces" in which you do it. Readers of my blog, whoever you are, I appreciate you. This blog started as a "learning journal" for myself as I worked through becoming a "good trainer" and a "good coach". What it never was was a site to get lots of practical fitness information … [Read more...]

On body awareness, body image, and the use for shame

Reading Oliver Sack’s “A Leg To Stand On” was a bit surreal for me. In it, he describes the strange and unexpected event in his life of losing his leg. Not losing it physically, but mentally. Through injury, and nerve damage his leg "went dead" to him. He experienced thinking of his leg as not his own, but as a foreign object tethered to him through an uncontrollable … [Read more...]

Goodbye 2014: A story of what I am learning as a coach

*Disclaimer: This is just a personal read outlining where a lot of my focus went this year. Basically learning how to coach. It's not gonna have a bunch of practical stuff in it, more philosophical and principled. If I may say so myself though, it has some valuable stuff in it that I am just passing on from the higher ups ;) Big personal thanks goes to Oliver Vadnais, … [Read more...]

The real reason Tracy, Jillian, Oz, Oprah, Selter, Mercola, and Food Babe are winning the information game

Why This Matters Want to influence someone to see the light? First, understand how they obtain and process information. Reading this could be a game-changer. [Read Time: 11 minutes] As a trainer, I choke upon hearing some of the stuff people spew about fitness and nutrition. Yeah, I can get indignant like it's nobody's business. The people I named in the title of … [Read more...]

Fitness for Dummies: Practical Tips

I know you. You exercise anywhere from a couple of times a week to maybe 4 times max (one of those days is yoga, isnt it?). You want maximum results, with minimal in-gym work. Exercise is work. Working out is work. You have lots of work. Your trainer is perhaps a progressive, smarty pants type (at least you should hope so). He/she knows words like "Stuart McGill" … [Read more...]

Online Coaching Break!

Hi Everyone, this is a quick post to let you know that I will be taking a break from online coaching to get my business organized better, and to balance online work, in-person training, and the faster pace of living in the city. I am far behind in writing projects as well, and feel that attention and quality in my online coaching is beginning to suffer, so I will take on no new … [Read more...]

On Friends and Powerlifting

So my first "real" vacation (properly planned and budgeted for hehehe) is almost over. I went to Toronto for six wonderful days where I didn't touch a barbell (well just once for some halfhearted cleans, THANKS SAM for the form help) and ate waaaaayyy too much, and laid in bed endlessly and generally had a marvelous time with friends. It was great to get away from everything … [Read more...]

Mini Insights: Pausing the Squat

So, I pick on squats alot, cause its a pretty constant learning process at this stage. But I am super happy with my progress, knees have never felt better, strength is still going up (for proper squatting my muscles are still relatively in the "newbie" stage, since I have deloaded and fixed form several times the past year, 3 to be exact). So, another "saying" I have when … [Read more...]

In Honor of Valentines: A Rant From My Heart To Yours

(Wrote this May 9th, 2010)"True love is unconditional". A statement I heartily disagree with. The topic is much larger when discussing it in reference to relationships in general, but I just want to focus on how physical looks and staying healthy and fit when in a relationship can be even MORE or at least AS important, then when you are single. When I say "looks" I mean looking … [Read more...]