Diet philosophizing, training progress….a bit of cursing and my fave squat vid!

Random thoughts typed out on my Iphone about the whole dieting thing. Might as well archive them here! Some cussing, some controversy. Lots of my thought processes. This blog is my journal as well.

  • Your personal bias is HUGE. Do what you can to minimize it. Be proud and picky when choosing information to put into use for yourself. You owe no one anything. No trainer, no diet guru, no book. You don’t owe them your allegiance if you discover they were full of shit, and continue to be. You don’t owe yourself consistency and stubbornness in your opinions if they turn out to be wrong. You only owe yourself the best and highest quality information. Get your ego out of the way for fucks-sake. Or as an alternative view, have some pride! Choose information because it adheres to the highest standard possible. Picking a diet is like self-diagnosing a medical condition. We itch to do it, and it tickles the “I am special” part of our brain and allows us to construct theories and plans based on some lofty and imaginary I-am-self-educated-and-know-what-is-wrong-with-me  and a massive dose of confirmation bias. You are not special. Not in those ways. Be special for something else…please. Not the kind of food you eat. Better yet, while listening to your body is all good, most people aren’t actually listening, they are slapping on labels for themselves that sound good and stroke the ego. “Oh I am this this intolerant.”  Chances are nothing is  wrong with you but you’ve been messing and assuming and complicating for so longer, your body is just throwing a fit. Think about it.”The first principle is that you must not fool yourself – and you are the easiest person to fool” Richard Feynman


  •  You can use any diet style to start you off with a plan to follow, but most of them operate under the realm of a lot of restriction in some form. No dirty foods. No carbs. No junk food. No packaged food. No fruits. No this or that. Beware. The only structure you really need initially is a good idea of your caloric intake, macro needs and plan of direction (fat loss, recomp, muscle gain). Not specific foods. That’s putting the cart before the horse especially if you come from a dieting cycle background.


  • Have some damn honesty with yourself about where you’re at and what is actually happening. You don’t get any credit for not doing anything. Please don’t credit yourself for not doing anything. There’s a fine line between self-love and self-deceit. Step outside yourself to see where you are. Being objective does not mean going to the extreme of beating yourself up for where you are. In fact, being objective means you can see the good, as well as what needs improvement. You need both. And a massive dose of a great attitude. Smiling burns calories. I swear.


  •  Nothing spectacular happens in a month. Or three months. The best results require patience and adherence. Focus on what will develop those qualities and you will see shit happen faster! If something gets you quick results, it can also get you quick loss of them. There can be a time and place for focused and hardcore single goals. But really, most people don’t operate like that. Life gets in the way. Let life get in the way. As I have said before, make your diet and training FIT YOUR LIFE, not vice versa.


  •  Constantly worrying about diet is one of the saddest places to be. Don’t stay there. Leigh Peele had an awesome answer to an obese listener on the Fitcast podcast who asked her how to get off the “diet” cycle once and for all and finally change habits for more than just a couple days. Her answer was gold! She said “The first question I ask is: Do you really understand how you got there? Look at your life as a whole, and try to understand how you got to that point in the first place and how you can alter decisions in a manner that is not going to be so overwhelming to you…..If you find you are one of those people that just can’t knock it out fast and have the amazing transformation moment, cause usually those things happen for people who don’t know what the hell is going on. Usually when that happens, they haven’t really experienced it. They don’t really know what training and nutrition is. They’re complete newbies, they jump in and get lucky! Most people cannot do that. You got to let it go. The quick transformation is not gonna happen for you. So just do the smart thing, and in the long run the quicker thing, and start to just nibble at yourself  and just take some days where you push the plate away before you’re going to finish it (this is talking to someone who is very overweight, and keeps gaining over the years, and is consistently overeating for their needs). Decrease your caloric intake just a little bit.” She goes to talk about not just trying to reverse habits suddenly, but actually take the steps to change your lifestyle as a whole. That’s harder. Some of just can change habits like that. Quit cold. For most, it doesn’t last. A lot of people who find themselves in a certain position (very obese, very obsessive, unhappy, etc) did not get there from some great event, but from the build up of regular and consistent actions and habits that led to your “lifestyle” as you now know it. Don’t run roughshod over your whole life to try and change. It works for some, but doesn’t for the majority. This doesn’t mean be lazy, it means fight one battle at a time, and gradually shift into a new direction.


  • Watch this vid from Tyrese Gibson when you want to feel sorry for yourself and complain. We all do it. “Stop looking for the pity committees.”

WATCH > “Excuses sound best to the person who is making them up.” 

  • Need squatting motivation? Milko Tokola is insane. When I watch him every couple months, he still excites me. Hahaha. And that hip drive…..those grunts….that music…..for those so inclined, look at his mechanics and speed. I bet his neuromuscular system is quite the party!!

WATCH > Best trainings in 2013  and Brutal Back Squatting

My latest exercise endeavors include:

Getting my stability on with Barbell Get Ups!

Getting my stability on with Barbell Get Ups!


Handstandwalking finally! Still can't go far, but much better than not being able to hold one period (without a wall).

Handstandwalking finally! Still can’t go far, but much better than not being able to hold one period (without a wall).


Working on my kettlebell skills faithfully. 16kg vs 20kg. Strength is leverage.


Taking Muay Thai 2x week. Teaching me so much about my movement weaknesses. Oliver Vadnais coaches, and is an awesome coach.

Taking Muay Thai 2x week. Teaching me so much about my movement weaknesses. Oliver Vadnais coaches, and is an awesome coach.


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