Nutrition and Training Consultations

A consultation is meant to help you face in the right direction and figure out what you need to focus on for progress in training or nutrition.

Consultations are scheduled in 4-6 week intervals, depending on your needs. The goal of each consultation will be to provide you with an immediate, actionable plan for the time frame specified.

Nutrition consultations will cover:

  1. Calorie needs and energy balance
  2. Meal timing
  3. Macronutrient and micronutrient breakdown
  4. Supplement usage
  5. Mindset and education
  6. Daily habits



Training consultations will cover

  1. Training or exercise habits
  2. Immediate goals
  3. Performance goals
  4. Injury prevention
  5. Sport specific needs

The price is $100.00/+tax (13%) per consultation

This includes:

  •  1 hour skype call
  • Plan of action for your current needs, and recommended resources.
  • Payment is made through Paypal


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