Coaching Services

Individual nutrition and training consultations

Joy helped me to have a better understanding of my body's unique needs. She taught me how to train smarter, not harder - but it's still hard!  I appreciate her love of coaching based on research, purpose and human connections." - Kate T.

It is extremely scarce, in Toronto, to find a great female trainer who actually knows what she is doing, but Joy does. I have been with Joy for over a year now, and my recommendations don’t come easily...... yet after this amount of time and some serious progress; I highly recommend her!" - Jeovana V.

Sport-specific programming






24 hours before weigh-in and on weight (MMA). Thanks to Joy Victoria, again, for being with me every step of the way and making it easier each time." - Jason N.

The fitness industry is full of confusing information but Joy is straightforward and talks sense!  She gave sound advice to help me get back on track with my weight management and I built muscle with the program she designed and tailored to my needs.  I loved working with her." - Lucy C.