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I am in the middle of writing a post on thoracic extension, core stability and a new (well not NEW new per se, maybe “simpler”?) approach to thinking about good upper back and shoulder positioning/mobility and how it translates to core strength, but it won’t be done till next week as far as I can see. I had a great week with some personal insights, accomplishments (despite setbacks) and some mini-epiphanies that I thought it might make a good mash up to post about. So here’s some things I did, learned, read or connected with this week.

– What stuck out to me the most in my Human Biology reading this week was learning about long-term potentiation and what that means to your learning process and memory retention. Learning is being able to store and recall. It  involves your brain neurons communicating or “firing” through synapses and developing these networks of neurons that “grow” your knowledge. Long-term potentiation is making a neuron “fire” when you are learning something or remembering some piece of information, but don’t quite “get it” yet. But that attempt, that “firing”, increases that neurons potential to learn that thing. It’s an “enhancement in signal transmission”. Enough of those enhancements and you reach an “aha” moment. Learning and remembering is not a one-time process, its built on, especially if you think of it in terms of “becoming an expert” on something. And building the long-term potentiation of your neurons mean you get closer and closer to “getting it”. This should change the way you study no?

I added quite a few new links to my archive, here are some of my new favorites to refer back to:

– Beauty Is Only Skin Deep – A great article on machinemuscle.com about bodybuilding and health and the image it has today, and how they should not be mutually exclusive.

– Advice for Aspiring Students and Tons of Cool Questions – From Bret Contreras. Bret never fails to deliver REALLY helpful stuff. Here he talks about his recommendation for trainers, students and those looking to stay in higher education in Strength and Conditioning. He also then lists good research  questions (BLEW MY MIND! Some of those were seriously exciting) for those going that path to consider. If you are a trainer, or coach or interested in being one, read this.

– Basketball Programming – Came across this article on strength and power programming for basketball athletes. I thought it was a great read, and I am using some of their drill setups with my boys.

– I got several PR’s this week! 235×1 Squat, 255×1 Dead and 125 Bench. Here is me last week doing my 225 Squat

Squatting 225×1

– LJ Sakellaris directed me to this TEDtalk titled Battling Bad Science. Give it a watch. The title should tempt you enough 😉

Battling Bad Science

– Spent some time listening to Ryan Doris. He’s one of my versions of “going to church” if anyone gets the analogy. LOL. This week it was his video “Stop Crying” and some of his older vlogs.

Stop Crying

He also introduced me to the poet Ella Wheeler Wilcox, who I had “heard” of before but never really read. He quoted one of her poems and I did a bit of research and ended up spending an hour reading her poems. I liked another one titled Preaching vs Practice which convicted me:

Preaching vs Practice

IT is easy to sit in the sunshine
And talk to the man in the shade;
It is easy to float in a well-trimmed boat,
And point out the places to wade.

But once we pass into the shadows,
We murmur and fret and frown,
And, our length from the bank, we shout for a plank,
Or throw up our hands and go down.

It is easy to sit in your carriage,
And counsel the man on foot,
But get down and walk, and you’ll change your talk,
As you feel the peg in your boot.

It is easy to tell the toiler
How best he can carry his pack,
But no one can rate a burden’s weight
Until it has been on his back.

The up-curled mouth of pleasure,
Can prate of sorrow’s worth,
But give it a sip, and a wryer lip,
Was never made on earth

– My workout music has changed over the last several months. I find I cannot lift weight listening to music much anymore, especially not for heavy sets or PR’s. Just a concentration thing I guess. But I am listening to stuff like this more. This song does something to me… haha give it at least a minute.

Noisia – Tommy’s Theme

Also this one:

Requiem for A Dream

– Last fun link is 100 strong men. What’s not to love? I also heart this because they say that Daniel Craig IS the best Bond of all time because “His portrayal was fitter, meaner, angrier, and darker than any Bond in the history of the franchise”. Uhhhhh THANK YOU for realizing this! Also made me remember an old time crush! Kelly Slater! Gerard Butler is #22 doing a tire flip in a perfectly delicious squat stance…….just click the link.

Guess whose booty this is?

The Fittest Men Ever

Second to last football game of the season (and the biggest, with our biggest rival) is tomorrow, and I am working early. After that I hope to attract more of the athletes to commit to an offseason program with me. Fingers crossed. Have a great weekend everyone!


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