Twerk Your Way to Stronger Lifts, Stronger Abs and Pain-Free Movement

I realize that by putting “twerking” in the title of this post, I am guilty of a shameless marketing tactic (thanks Miley!), but once you watch the videos,  and see my explanation, I think you will agree with me on how appropriate it is to call the exercise I am showcasing “Rib Twerking”. This post has to do with positioning and alignment of the core NOT twerking your booty … [Read more...]

Form, Fear, and the Squat Booty: A Woman’s Guide

Squats. My fave topic. I listen to and hear many frustrations when it comes to squatting. I work with people who squat in all kinds of strange ways with all kinds of weird body mechanics.  As I continue squatting and taking the time to really pay attention to what I (and they) do when squatting, what I think I do, and what I want to do, the insights keep piling up. … [Read more...]

Getting Strong Without a Gym- for Teenage Athletes

So I changed the title of this a couple times trying to see what would sound catchy and accurate. Heh. A bit awkward, but otherwise I will get emails about how someone cannot find the post. Gotta make it clear. I currently have several teenage boys who are now lost without me since our school year came to a end, and hence their training. A couple without access to a gym either … [Read more...]

Pistol Squats and More on Squat Form

Once a week, more or less, I work on bodyweight movements and gymnastic style movements. I do pistol squats regularly, and have worked up from 2 consecutive reps per leg to 11 reps per leg. My left leg could previously barely pump out a couple reps without wobbling and wiggling and falling over several months ago after re-injuring my knee, so I am pleased with my strength … [Read more...]

Exercise Investment For the Home; Get it Right

Sometimes I feel like there is nothing new left to say. All the best research has been written, all the best training techniques analyzed, all the best principles discovered and yet so many people are still lost. I don't get overwhelmed by the mountains of knowledge yet to discover (that brings on mindgasms), but more by the question; what will I bring to the table as another … [Read more...]