How I Trained in 2013: Lessons From an Intermediate Lifter

This is a summary of my training for the year of 2013. I thought it would be insightful/useful to others. Please remember that the pros and cons I list for each program are my personal ones. These are programs filtered through my experience using them and my particular strengths/weaknesses. It might be completely different for you. But as an intermediate lifter/trainee, I … [Read more...]

When Abs Aren’t Just Made in the Kitchen – Three Tips

My core stability and abs have improved dramatically in the last couple of months thanks to a few new things I learned and/or learned how to implement properly. With my new abs pics plastered all over FB, I felt compelled to share my "secrets: with you. So, it's frustrating when you ask someone, "How do you get your abs like that?" and their response is, "Abs are made in the … [Read more...]