Recommended Resources: In Evidence We Trust – by Jamie Hale (are you really an evidence-based professional, and how do you know?)

Do you? Trust evidence? Are you outcome or results driven? Do you know what being "evidence-based" means as a fitness professional? Do you know how to think scientifically? Can you balance information and action? I ask myself those questions, and they are tough ones. Because it's work. It's work to stay on top of "evidence". Jamie Hale sent me his new book  to … [Read more...]

The Brainy Side of Exercise (skip to #3 about stress if you can’t read it all)

I had the pleasure of attending a symposium at the University of Vermont that featured 4 Doctors/Researchers titled “The Brainy Side of Exercise: Benefits to Neurons, Mind and Behavior" and I wanted to share a digested version of what was presented. So..... exercise is good for the brain. Not hard to imagine. I was pleased that my understanding and ability to follow the … [Read more...]