Uncertainty is certain: reducing stress through acceptance of fact

There are lots of facts in this world. They are recorded diligently by scientists in very field imaginable.
Science is the collecting of facts through arduous and specific processes improved on over time; what can be known is kept on record and updated. What is not “known” continues to be sought.

This is an arduous process, as we all know. The common complaint that “science takes too long” is an accurate statement and also a worthless whine about a process of accumulation that must take long by virtue of its aim; to discover what can be known.

It is very hard to be certain. We can be certain of the life cycle of a bug, and what happens in a cell when it gets cancer, but we can’t be quite certain about things like “what causes addiction” or “what is love”.

If facts could be readily found and accepted, there would be no need to have “a scientific process”. There would be no need to discover, experiment or explore. What is known would stay known.

Go to a hospital in Toronto and admire the care and efficiency of their machinery, medicines and doctors. Then fly to a hospital in Venezuela, and experience the breakdown of these advancements.

A lack of appreciation for facts, as they are currently known, is a lack of desire to live in reality. And reality is what we have.

Here’s a fact about how long it will take to “lose fat” and “look leaner” and “be stronger”: you will not know anything until you start. You will not know after you have started, you will simply get closer to your goal. Uncertainty is guaranteed. Uncertainty is a given.

This is a philosophical “fact”. An idea fact. Yet once aware of it, it can easily be recognized around you in the actions, paths, descriptions, stories and realizations of people who move from “unfit” to “fit”. Who move from “frustration” to “success”, from “weakness” to “strength” from “no RM’s” to “1 RM’s”.

There is no certainty. You cannot predict what you “will” have to do. What you “need” to do. You can’t say what you will need in one years time. You can’t ask someone to tell you how long it will take YOU to change. How long it will take you to pay attention.

That’s all up to you.

In one years time you will be a different person than you are now. Physiologically and biologically you will be closer to death. Emotionally and psychologically you will be more used to your habits, thought patterns and beliefs unless you have evolved them or changed them.

The person you are may be more entrenched in the same environment, more rigid, more static, dying faster. Or you will have changed, evolved, expanded, explored and added new and better parts to “you”. You will have built.

Visually, to others, you could be more active, agile and at peace, with new skills or new additions to skills being learned, or you could be fighting the same habits, addictions, or complaints. Are your frustrations and complaints new or old?

Are the problems you are solving the same or different?

Which is it? Do you know?

You cannot make the future certain. That is a fact. You certainly cannot make future fitness certain either.

When something will happen is dependent on actions that lead to adaptation (facts like good sleep, good food, good training), and time (we can think of time as genetics; some must work harder/longer than others).

It is a law of nature that events cannot be seen in advance, nor can time be traveled along. You cannot predict how long change will take, you can only start actions that induce change.

You can’t predict how long it will take for change to occur, you can only build awareness of what is needed for change to be possible.

You cannot be certain about what will work, you can only start work and pay attention to what is happening.

You cannot insist on “knowing” on the “rightest way”, you can only commit to learning.

You cannot demand certain results from certain actions, you can only apply best practice, and pay attention. You, you are a open system. You are a feedback loop. You are not a cell in a dish, being carefully watched over by the gods who can see direct cause and effect and punish you when you stray. You are a living, constantly changing and evolving animal with choice! That blessing, that curse.

Respect yourself, by respecting what is.

Act to respect the human body, you, your life, and the laws of nature (physiology, psychology, biology) by which we all live. Demanding certainty, complaining about facts, and delaying action, leaves you left behind. Time moves on without you anyway.

Choose to act in your own favour. That is health.

Give up that nagging ache for certainty. Resist it and keep up with time. Move through it happier, healthier and less of a whiner.

Death is coming anyway, why speed it up?


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