Uni of Toronto SnC Summit #2: “The ultimate reward for trust, is loyalty.”

Title: Business and Personal Development: Keys to Longevity as a Coach

By: Sheldon Persad, Canadian Sport Institute Ontario Interim Director, (of) Sport Science & Sport Medicine

Sheldon’s presentation was on business development, so highly practical for any personal trainer, but also for those looking to build their abilities to get into SnC coaching, which is largely about managing athletes as much as it is about programming for them.

Main takeaways:

  1. Build stability in your business. Be able to provide a service, even if you personally cannot (vacation, sickness etc).
  2. Innovate and create. Don’t just follow one person, be relevant. Stay relevant.
  3. Build relationships. Don’t shut people down, don’t shut them out. Get brilliant at creating relationships.
  4. Benefit others. Show people benefit in using *your* product. Your product is your knowledge, your expertise, your ability to get results.
  5. Have vision. What is the vision? What will your business practice look like in 5, 10, 15 years?
  6. Be competent. Be good. Does it work? How do you know? Talk about what you’ve done, not what you will do.
  7. Provide exceptional service. This will lead to #1, stability. Longevity in business.

“Focus on doing your job well, stay vigilant over time, be transparent about your mistakes. Be the first one to admit your mistakes.”

“The ultimate reward for building trust is loyalty. If you have loyalty in your services and brand, you are reaching your goal.”

“Simply put, good coaches are good teachers. Great coaches are great teachers. Brilliant coaches are brilliant teachers.”

“In order to be effective you have to be comfortable in your own skin.” – build your emotional intelligence.

“Be the person who can answer questions. Allow people to speak intelligently about you.” – do they know what you are good at? And does that match your vision for your brand and business?

“Work ON your business, not just IN your business.”

“Principles are not contradictory. Do not compromise your principles.”

1.) Love what you do

2.) Love learning

3.) Love your clients.

4.) Be flexible

5.) Don’t compromise principles

6.) Keep your word/commitments

7.) Ask for feedback

8.) Focus on THEIR objectives

9.) Reward your athletes

10.) Stay connected

Actionable takeaways:

  • Get great and concise at your elevator speech.
  • Focus on media relations NOT marketing. Marketing can be free.
  • The Neilson company is where you can find user data on technology and social media


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